Cranial Hair Prosthesis

          (Medical Wigs)

   Offering quality custom hair systems and superior service are the main priorities of our hair replacement specialist, Taneasha Hines. We strive to make every aspect of your hair replacement experience the best that it can be. In a comfortable environment, Taneasha Hines will first conduct an in-depth consultation with you. During your consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss, in detail, your goals and hair concerns. Our hair replacement specialist will then determine how our hair center can best serve you. We know that each client has different goals and concerns. This is why Taneasha Hines at Posh Hair Designz spends ample time meeting with each client to make certain that they are fully informed about and comfortable with their chosen custom hair systems.



At Posh Hair Designz, cranial prosthesis wigs are custom designed by HairVisions for those who have lost their hair due to a medical condition or as a result of medical treatment.

If you are experiencing hair loss due to heredity or undergoing chemotherapy as a form of treatment for cancer diagnoses, you’ll want to find the best wig on the market. The problem with shopping online for such a personal item such as this is that it robs you of your chance to try before you buy and you are often stuck with a product that does not truly reflect your personality.




Contact your health insurance company to find out if a cranial hair prosthesis wig or medical hair replacement unit qualifies for reimbursement under procedure codes S8095 and A9282. Most insurance policies cover “prescribed cranial prosthesis” but do not cover wigs. You will need to get a letter and/or prescription from your doctor stating that the procedure is for “prescribed cranial prosthesis”. If hair loss is causing you to feel anxious and is impeding your quality of life, there is something you can do to regain your self-esteem, and your insurer many even pay for it!



Taneasha Hines is a cranial prosthesis specialist providing medical lace wigs cranial prosthesis and custom prosthetic hair systems. Her 100% human hair custom medical lace wigs cranial prosthesis are very soft and light-weight specifically made for chemotherapy patients.

Medical lace wigs are form-fitted to become part of you and designed to be styled as if it were your own hair. As a cranial prosthesis specialist, Taneasha Hines ensures your custom medical lace wigs are made to look and feel natural; no one will know it is a cranial prosthesis wig.

What Are Medical Wigs?

Cranial Hair Prosthesis (referred to as Medical Wigs) are a great solution for comfort and convenience when experiencing hair loss issues. A Medical Wig is specifically designed for patients who have lost their hair as a result of medical conditions, treatments, or any other clinical disease resulting in hair loss.


Our Medical Wig units are treated to resist oils, dirt, and body acids while providing maximum comfort. Clients experiencing hair loss from alopecia, female pattern thinning, chemotherapy or radiation treatment would greatly benefit from PHD Hair Solutions services.

Service Overview

We offer private fittings with a specialist by appointment only. both human and synthetic units are available.

Consultation Options


Hair Replacement/Prosthesis

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