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Holistic Hair Care Service

RollerSet Luxe
With this service guest get a hydro treatment and scalp manipulation to encourage healthier hair follicles for faster growth. Wet set & dried under hood dryer

​  $79

Luxe Silk Press
Organic Steam Shampoo, hydro steam conditioner, lightly blow dried, flat ironed straight with ceramic iron then curled for a silky finish. Prevent heat damage with a High Quality silk press using organic, parbon free products and Steam hair therapy

​  $110

Luxe Silk Press + Trim
Live a Active Life and want to have your natural hair stay straight without the heat damage and chemicals! The service is a High Quality silk press using  a Straightening Shampoo that elongates your natural Tresses. Frizz free and Long Lasting and full of body is perfect for this time of year & Trim


Luxe Silk Press+Hair & Scalp Detox + Trim
Free your Scalp and Hair from tree and toxins by restoring vitality and preventing imbalances through our Peeling and Detox Cleanser. After hair and scalp is balanced we proceed the use of the  Jungle Fever Wild Straighten Hair Care No Frizz Shampoo +  Straightening Mask followed with the Wild Straight Anti Frizzy Straighten Fluid. After hair has been silken out we then finish the service with a trim (2 inches less) and desired style: Straight, Curls or Slight Bend.


Hair & Scalp Detox + Keratin Treatment +Trim

Detox + Trim +Smoothing system last 4-6 months and is also 60% strength and 40% smoothing. This is a chemical free system and is great for natural/ relaxed/ transitioning and for those who want to maintain their curl pattern. With this system you can also get it styled straight, wash and go or even flexi set. It has 2 proteins: Keratin and carbon Cysteine amino acid the active ingredient to strengthen the hair



Formaldehyde-Free Keratin Smoothing Treratment

A formaldehyde-free keratin smoothing complex that elongates the curl pattern, giving natural hair several manageable options. It elongates the hair 50-75% without breaking any bonds, and defrizzes every curly strand by sealing needed moisture in and locking extra moisture out. It smooths the cuticle layer and increases hairs’ tensile strength for a more relaxed, silky, shiny, healthy and manageable head of hair. It is the only complex that makes a silky straight, or naturally curly/wavy look



Short Natural Designer Cut & Style

 Do you want  to wear your natural Tresses in a cut short fun style ??.. This service is perfect for you. This service includes a organic shampoo and conditioning, hydration treatment to pop those Curls and shaping.


Gel Twist/ Coil Set

Gel twists or single strand twists are a great option as it involves a minimal amount of manipulation to hair strands and can last up to 2-3 weeks once completed. This style is best executed on freshly shampooed and conditioned damp hair.