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        Hello !! I'm Taneasha Hines


  I am the Owner and Creative Director of

Posh Hair Designz in Atlanta, Ga.
I help women and children with Alopecia, Hair Loss and Scalp Elements regain their confidence
through Hair + Scalp wellness treatments and Non Surgical Hair Loss Replacement Solutions.

I am a Trichologist Practioner which is a Hair + Scalp Specialist and a Certified Hair Loss Specialist that works along the sides of  Dermatologists and Oncologists.


Taneasha Hines
Owner/Creative Director
Trichologist Practioner
Certified Hair Loss Replacement Specialist


The Beginning

Meet Trichologist Taneasha Hines
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Taneasha Bio Audio
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  Have you been looking for a hair salon that feels like "home"? Someplace you can go to unwind? Somewhere to be pampered? Say no more. Meet Taneasha Hines of Posh Hair Designz located in Fulton County Roswell,Georgia just 20 minutes outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Posh Hair Designz motto is to “Put Yourself First” and has recently relocated from Laurel, Maryland to Roswell, Georgia May of 2021 and has been in the beauty industry since 2003. Posh Hair Designz offers a wide variety of services specializing in non surgical hair loss replacement, various advanced extensions/weave techniques, custom handmade wigs, cranial prosthesis, alopecia regrowth hair loss treatments, hair care and natural hair services. Taneasha’s main focus is to restore your confidence, educate her clients on hair care and provide multiple solutions to clients suffering with hair loss. I asked her what she thought might set her apart from a competitor. She replied, "I always put service first, making sure punctuality is key and to always maintain the lead in her Hair Artist skills. As a Trichologist Practitioner, Certified Hair Loss Specialist and Master Cosmetologist the aesthetic of my salon hair spas is set up as an intimate boutique. I’m forever humbled and blessed to have such a loyal clientele base. I asked Taneasha what made her choose this business to go into. She answered, "My older sister Toya was the 1st in the family to become a hairstylist and seeing her success, skills and popularity really made me want to do hair too.


  Developing my skills at home by servicing my friends and family at the young age of 12, I discovered how naturally talented I was at doing hair. I started as a shampoo assistant at the age of 15 years old at my big sisters hair salon and was hooked. I started getting invited to everything - weddings, birthday parties, anniversary parties - anywhere they needed someone to do hair which was so rewarding and fun. It was a win-win situation!" I then asked her if she could give a tip to someone looking for a new hair salon, what it might be. Always look at the personality of the hair artist to learn if it's a good match or not. Learn what kind of products you desire your hairstylist to use and be open, also find out where they are located, and pricing. Find out how much experience they have by asking what hair school they attended, what was the best advanced class they attended and of course how many years they've been in the beauty industry. Be mindful not to ask someone to do something they can't do and most of all - try not to take the old hostility you have against your old hairstylist out on the new hair artist".

  I wanted to get to know a little more about Taneasha aside from the business, so I asked her some questions geared more towards her personal life. She has been married for 10 years with three children. She moved to Sandy Springs from Washington DC in May of 2021. I asked her what she liked most about the Roswell area, to which she replied, "It's Southern Hospitality and Diversity". I asked Taneasha if she liked any sports teams. Her answer was the best I've heard, "I like individual players, not an entire team, and UFC. I like UFC," she said. I asked about the most significant event she's had in her life. She immediately began speaking, "It was the soft launch of my new brick and mortar 1,800 square foot salon located downtown Historic Laurel,Maryland. In her free time, you can find Taneasha traveling the world, crafting d.i.y Pinterest projects and enjoying fashion.

Now, how about ratings and reviews? Posh Hair Designz has a GREAT rating of 4.8 on Google. People have some of the greatest things to say. I will share a couple with you. This first one, from Kia M. is one of the best, sweetest reviews I have ever seen; "Taneasha at Posh Hair Designz is the absolute best in the business! She is professional, punctual, creative and precise - all of the qualities you look for in a stylist. She has been responsible for creating so many looks for me, whether it be my natural hair, expertly done weaves or crochet styles. I know when I leave her chair, my hair will be DONE and I'll be posting selfies for days! I followed Taneasha from Maryland to Atlanta because there isn't another like her." Or this from Marshall and Sharonda T. - "Taneasha is amazing! I came to her for help since my braids were not treating my hair well at all. She is a true professional and expert in hair and scalp care. The various options I have with my hair now is something I never expected I could do again! Thank you Taneasha...I am a lifetime client!!" So, how is THAT for some very satisfied clients? Especially when they will move to follow you?


  Keep in mind, there are many services at Posh Hair Designz that fall into the medical category for a lot of folks and Taneasha does accept Care Credit. There are several insurance carriers that are accepted, and she is working on others. Taneasha is very big in working with the National Alopecia Areata Foundation,Wigs for Kids and supports Breast Cancer Awareness and the American Cancer Society.


  If you, or someone you know, are in need of the services of Posh Hair Designz, give Taneasha a call. She would be more than happy to help you restore your confidence. To help you "Put Yourself First".

                                           Interview by Local Hero Paper 2022- Susan 


* 8 Hour Hairline Healer Hair Replacement Workshop*

  Instructor: Kanishia Gordon

  Location: Atlanta, Georgia

    April 24th  2022

* Non Surgical Hair Replacement Topper Specialist*

  Instructor: Mo'Nika Parham

  Location: Atlanta, Georgia

    September 28th  2021

* Johns Creek Herald*

 Published: August 2021

 * Marquis Who's Who*

Inducted: January  2020

* Baltimore Times*

 Published:  June  2020

 *  Annapolis Times*

Published:  June 2020

* Certified Hair Loss Specialist*

Instructor: Toni Love

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

       May 11th 2020

* Non Surgical Hair Restoration*

Instructor: Kat Hiskey

Location:  Silver Spring MD

                     April 2018


* Trichology Certification*

Instructor: Evie Johnson

Location- Lanham Maryland


* Common Hair Loss problems- Causes & Treatments

* Structures, Functions & Philosophy of the Hair and Skin

* Amino Acids & Bonds in the Hair

* pH

* Science of Chemicals processes to the Hair

* Microscopy

               October 24th 2017​


*Catch The Cut & Color*

Instructor: Evie Johnson

Location- Bowie Maryland

            May 7th 2017


*Magic Part Hands on Class*

Instructor: Janet Michelle

  Location- West Hollywood L.A.

         February 21st 2016 

*The Hair Diagram*

Instructor: Tamika Gibson

Location- Online/ Webinar

        March 16th 2016

*DSW/ Bonded Wig Hands on Class*

Instructor: Tomeka James

 Location: Silver Spring Maryland      

  -Foundations   -Malaysian Sew in

  -Custom Wigs/ Units/ Molds

             April 20th 2015

*Hands on Advanced Cut/Color*-

Instructor: Patrick Bradley

Location- Main Attraction Unisex Pennsylvania

                August 10th 2015

 * Senior Cosmetologist*

 Received:  November 22nd  2014

*Master Hair Colorist*

Instructor: Pravana ChromaSilk

Location: Online/ Webinar

   -Hair Color Certification Program


*Amino Acid Smoothing System*

Instructor: One- step Hair Team/ Hair Show

Location-:Bronner Brothers Atlanta

            Basic Hair Care System 

                 August 2014


* Attended "The Weave Institute"*-

Instructor: Kim Connell

Location- Silver Spring Maryland

        Mastered Techniques

   -Anchored Weave     -Tornado/ Plug Closure

     -Linear Links              -Custom Bonded Wig

     -Net Weave                -Foundation Formations

 -Hair Replacement for Thinning/ Balding Hair

                Attended 2012-2013


Author of the "HairJournal" Taneasha Hines
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Introducing Master Cosmetologist Taneasha Hines
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