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Model Call

Extension Modern Model Casting Call

Extension Hair Models Apply here

What is your current hair length? (Choose the option that best describes your hair length)
Do you have any hair or scalp conditions such as alopecia or dermatitis? (We’re looking for models with healthy hair and scalp for this call. Beautiful, healthy hair begins with a well-nourished scalp and a strong hairline.)
How would you best describe your comfort and skill level for various content types? (Check all that apply.)
What type of hair extensions have you tried or are you interested in? (Check all that apply.)
Are you available for a virtual or in-person consultation to discuss your suitability for the role and review your hair condition?
Yes, I’m available.
No, I’m not available.
How much time are you available for content creation on the designated model call day? (The model call is a one-day-only event, offering 40%-70% savings on extension services. Are you available on Tuesday at 9 am?)

To apply, please send your headshot, full-body photo, and images of your hair from various angles to:

with the subject line "Model Casting Call."

Book online through StyleSeat, which is designed specifically for model bookings.

A Complementary Zoom or Video Call is required to further discuss details and to ensure your hair is suitable for the selected services.

Model Requirements:

Female models aged 18-48 No height or weight requirements Must dress to impress (cute outfit) Clean, groomed, fresh face or well-applied makeup Confident and comfortable in front of the camera


The primary goal of this model call is to create dynamic and engaging content for various platforms. We are focusing on producing high-quality videos and tutorials for YouTube, engaging short-form videos for Facebook and TikTok, and high-resolution images for our website and Google Business page. Additionally, we aim to host live sessions on social media, develop instructional content for hands-on classes, and produce comprehensive recorded classes. This content will enhance our online presence, attract new clients, and educate our audience about our premium hair extension services.

    Compensation and Benefits



As a hair model, you will enjoy a one-time 40%-70% discount on our premium hair extension services for one selected technique. This incredible offer allows you to experience high-end hair extensions at a fraction of the cost in exchange for participating in our salon content and media creation.

Benefits and Future Opportunities:

Each model will have the opportunity to work with Taneasha Hines and be featured in our content, gaining exposure across our social media platforms. Models who excel in their roles, demonstrate comfort in front of the camera, and engage well with our social media audience may be hand-selected by Taneasha for additional hair extension installations.

  • Exclusive Discount: One-time 40%-70% savings on one hair extension technique.

  • High-End Experience: Receive top-tier hair extension services from Taneasha Hines.

  • Future Services: Models chosen for additional installations will continue to receive the 40%-70% model rate. Models who are not selected for further modeling can book future services through our standard online booking system at traditional rates.


Selection and Participation:

Models can select one technique (e.g., I-Tips, K-Tips, Tape-Ins, Micro-Links, or V-Light Extensions). Exceptional models who are easy to work with and perform well in front of the camera may be invited for further installations.


Why Apply?

  • Significant Savings: Benefit from substantial discounts on luxurious hair extensions.

  • High Visibility: Gain exposure across our social media channels and website.

  • Exclusive Access: Be among the few selected for potential ongoing collaboration.

  • Expert Care: Receive personalized service and attention from a top professional in the industry.

Important Note:

This offer provides a one-time discount per model per technique. Models hand-selected for additional installations will maintain the 40%-70% model rate for future services. Those not selected for further modeling opportunities can book future services at traditional rates through our standard online system.

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