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Holistic Natural Hair Services

Natural Beauty
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"Changing the Perception of Natural Hair Care One Strand at a Time"

Premium Natural Hair
Care Services....


Lux Sleek Press

Receive your customized organic shampoo, hydrotherapy steam treatment with scalp manipulation to encourage healthier hair follicles for faster hair growth. Your hair is sleeked out to your desired curl and style with No Heat Damage or Discomfort.


Gel Twist

With this tension free protective style your natural hair is twist with gel and other finishing products. Gel twists or single strand twists are a great option as it involves a minimal amount of manipulation to hair strands and can last up to 1-3 weeks once completed. This style is best executed on freshly shampooed and conditioned damp hair. Depending on the length of your hair, you can accomplish the individual twists with a barber’s comb, rat tail comb or your fingers

$125 & Up 

Two Strand Twist

Your Natural Tresses is cleansed, steam treatment and put into sections of hair that will be two-strand twist into medium single twist and then placed under the dryer for a completely dry set. Perfect protective style lasting anywhere from 2-4 weeks depending on home care and take home products. Pricing varies on length and density.


Sleek Press "The Works"

In this package you will have your ends trimmed along with a protein, reconstructive or olaplaex hydrotherapy treatment. Followed up with your customized organic shampoo, intense scalp manipulation to encourage healthier hair follicles for faster hair growth. Your hair is sleeked out to your desired curl and style with No Heat Damage or Discomfort.


Keratin Treatment

A formaldehyde-free keratin smoothing complex that elongates the curl pattern, giving natural hair several manageable options. It elongates the hair 50-75% without breaking any bonds, and defrizzes every curly strand by sealing needed moisture in and locking extra moisture out. It smooths the cuticle layer and increases hairs’ tensile strength for a more relaxed, silky, shiny, healthy and manageable head of hair. It is the only complex that makes a silky straight, or naturally curly/wavy look

Guest who receive a Keratin Treatments & have all the Benefits and Results must use the same product line at Home. (TAKE HOME: SHAMPOO, CONDITIONER & GLOSS INCLUDED)

$135 & Up

Flexi or Rod Set

Your natural hair is set on Flexi or perm rods to achieve beautiful curls while preventing heat damage and stress on your natural tresses. Your natural hair is cleansed w/ a customized shampoo and steam treatment which varies upon your hair needs. Dry time depends on guest density and porosity. After hair is completely dry curls are carefully separated for flawless voluminous curls

Holistic Hair Treatments

Olaplex Bond Perfector

  OLAPLEX restores damaged and compromised hair by repairing from the inside out with our patented single ingredient, Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate. Once all the hair bonds are intact and in alignment, you have healthy, beautiful, shiny, touchable hair.

** Cost- $43   

Oway Moisturizing Hair Mask

  This Smoothing. Mask. Conditioner that rebuilds, strengthens, and smoothes all hair types. This intense conditioner replenishes Moisture to the hair with Keratin and restoring aminos that  strengthen while providing color protection and  making her response to styling. It improves an extend sequence smoothing system. For dry, weak and damaged hair. Steamer is applied to intensify your treatment and helps with scalp detox, brittleness and Promotes Hair GrowthDeeply replenishes and repairs dry, brittle hair

** Cost- $39   

Reconstructive Mask ( Protein)

This keratin protein, honey almond, lanolin + aloe mask works naturally to deeply moisturize each strand while rebuilding its strength and Health, diminishing traces of breakage and damage. This service can not be selected by itself and must be added to a desired service offered on our menu. Failure to add treatment to desired hair services will result in a Voided appointment. 

** Cost- $47   

Having an appointment at Posh Hair Designz is like buying from Chanel. You know you are getting high value, best-in-class, and higher echelon services & products. Posh Hair Desingz is a glowing example of professional compassion. They take the time to understand your "before" so they can provide your "after": a creative hair style that reflects your best self. Whether it's a job interview, a glamorous night out, or the pain and struggle with alopecia, Posh Hair Designz has you covered. And just like Chanel, you will leave Posh Hair Designz feeling beautiful, glamorous, and exquisite. But don't take my word for it, visit the Posh Hair Designz website and social media. If you're ready for excellence, Posh Hair Designz is ready for you!
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