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 Holistic Hair Loss Treatments

  I would like to Welcome you to Atlanta's Best Non Surgical Hair Loss Prevention Center. We actively seek to provide our guest with low toxicity products and stress free techniques. Every women can be in a joyous state in which you feel just as beautiful with your natural hair or hair extensions as you do without. A women's hair has reached PHD Symmetry when people think she is still wearing hair extensions although she is not, or better yet people think your relaxed when your 100% Natural.

Real Results Regrowth Packages

            Select 1 of 4 Hair / Scalp Solution Treatments ranging from 6-12 Weeks. Each Package includes:

Scalp Detox, Digital Microscopic Scalp Analysis, Remedy Ampoule to scalp w/ scalp massage, Steam Hair & Scalp Therapy, Monthly hair progression images.

                     All Packages Include: Hair Growth Oil or Serum, 540 Derma Roller and Hair Journal

                         6 Weeks - $670 (Basic)     $785 (w/ UV Red Light Therapy)  SAVING: $45-$95

                       8 Weeks - $690 (Basic)     $835 (w/ UV Red Light Therapy)  SAVING: $65-$115

                    10 Weeks - $660 (Basic)     $710 (w/ UV Red Light Therapy)  SAVING: $85-$135

                    12 Weeks - $680 (Basic)     $730 (w/ UV Red Light Therapy)  SAVING: $105-$155

                   You may add these selective Hair services for an additional $75 per session:

                     Blow Out, Coil Set, Flexi/Rod Set, braid down or non adhesive wig application.  

               ** Treatments are Mandatory Weekly/ Bi-Weekly Appointments to Achieve BEST RESULTS**

To Ensure Real Results Taneasha Hines is ONLY Available to Accept a Total of 5 Hair Regrowth Guest at a TIME...


Our Oway "Organic Way" Philosophy | Holistic • Biodynamic • Organic Salon Products
                                                                                                        (Consultation Required)  

Hair - Loss


To Treat Hair Loss


Two Paths

For Normal and

Sensitive Scalp

Phyto Booster:

Biodynamic Mint,


Horse Chestnut,


Davidii Stem Cells

hair loss.png

                      * Hair Loss (Basic): 8 -10 - Weekly Treatments


                      * Hair Loss : 10-12 - Weekly Treatments


                      * Hair Loss (Sensitive): 6 -8 - Weekly Treatments


                                      Recommended Home Care:

                                Basic: Sebum Balance Hair Bath 

           Sensitive: Micro-Stimulating Hair Bath + Vivifying Remedy

           Severe: Micro-Stimulating Hair Bath + Densifying Remedy

Must Add Desired Service with Selected Treatment ~ Style Not Included

Regrowth: Trichology Services



To Treat Dandruff and Flaking

For: Dry + Oily Dandruff

Photo Booster:

Biodynamic Rosemary, Biodynamic Thyme,

Rice Wax


Soy Lecithin

Oway purifying.png

                                       Weekly Treatment = 6 Weeks


                                         Recommended Home Care:

                             Purifying Hair Bath for Dry or Oily Scalps

Must Add Desired Service with Selected Treatment ~ Style Not Included

Regrowth: Trichology Services



To Regulate Excess Sebum

For: Skin w/ Excessive

Sebaceous Secretion

Phyto Booster:

Biodynamic Sage,

Organic Eye- Bright, Amazonian

White Clay,



                                 Weekly Treatment = 6  Bi- Weekly


                                      Recommended Home Care:

                                       Sebum Balance Hair Bath

Must Add Desired Service with Selected Treatment ~ Style Not Included

Regrowth: Trichology Services


Objective: To Soothe

Sensitive and/or

Irritated Scalp




or Irritated Skin (Scalp)

Photo Booster:







                                    Weekly Treatment = 6  Weekly


                                        Recommended Home Care:

                           Soothing Balance Hair Bath + Soothing Remedy

Must Add Desired Service with Selected Treatment ~ Style Not Included

Regrowth: Trichology Services

What's a Tricologist:

  Trichology is a paramedical field and the scientific study of the hair, hair loss and associated scalp problems. This field is commonly referred to as the “bridge between cosmetology and dermatology.” It encompasses the study of diseases of the human hair and scalp, as well as the assessment of the cause(s) and treatment of these disorders.

  Trichology Services consist of: Scalp Treatments, Scalp Analysis, damaged hair repair, hair loss analysis and Scalp Spa (cleansing). I focus on developing a highly Individualized, short/long term plans for guest of varying ages, with all hair types, including Afro- textured hair, Latin, Asian and Caucasian, with all skin types.

UV Red Light Therapy 

  Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is one of just three non-surgical methods clinically proven, and FDA approved to fight pattern hair loss for men and women. Taneasha Hines is an authorized physician provider of the latest Capillus Laser technology, which uses a special type of low-level laser light that operates at 650nm. At this level, the laser's energy does not damage skin cells, but the skin absorbs light without causing any pain or discomfort.  Laser Hair Therapy has achieved hair growth and delayed progression of hair loss for thousands of women since its introduction and has proved to promote healing and improve scalp health. Treatment with low-level lasers works even better in conjunction with topical solutions, and it accelerates healing after surgical hair restoration. If your hair has begun to thin, laser therapy might help prevent further loss and promote new growth. Laser therapy: part of triple therapy Taneasha Hines recommends Low-Level Laser Therapy as part of “Triple Therapy.” One in three women will notice that her hair is thinning, and multiple medical therapies, which are used together, create a synergism that no one treatment can achieve. Triple Therapy uses three scientifically proven treatments simultaneously to fight female pattern hair loss. The result is a solution three times more powerful than any one treatment alone. By combining MinoxidilHelp Hair Nutrients, and Low-Level Laser treatments, Triple Therapy helps women minimize thinning and regrow their natural hair quickly and painlessly

** Cost-  (consultation required)  

Oxygen Hydrotherapy Scalp & Spa Treatment

  More and more men and women suffer from hair loss and / or hair thinning due to changes in lifestyle and nutritional imbalance. Others may find their hair to be too oily, dry or damaged from over processing or excessive styling. PHD Hair Solutions Oxygen Hydrotherapy Spa Scalp treatment offers a perfect solution for a multitude of hair care concerns. This exclusive treatment helps curb hair thinning and helps boost the body’s natural hair growth, for a healthier scalp and hair. Your  treatment includes a hair mask, with hair repair capabilities and a scalp massage to help restore the scalp and hair to a balanced healthier state.

  What is the Oxygen Hydrotherapy Spa Scalp Treatment?

Using our technologically advanced machine, an exclusive complex, hair mask and scalp massage oil, the Oxygen treatment is effective in promoting a healthier and a more balanced scalp. It repairs damaged hair, supports hair growth and inhibits hair loss. Our multi-step treatment consists of the introduction of oxygen combined with physiological water and the complex. It is followed by an application of the hair mask and a special scalp massage using our unique scalp massage oil.

** Cost- $99   (consultation required)   

Organic Hair + Scalp Detox

  This treatment has a 2 Step Process that delivers a premium blend of proteins, virtually Identical to the Keratin found in Human Hair. Like a liquid form of Hair, Keratriplex penatrates, repairs and seals damaged Strands. Steamer is applied to intensify your treatment and helps with scalp detox, brittleness and Promotes Hair GrowthOver time, excess skin, sebum and product residues build up on the scalp, suffocating it and – eventually – weakening the hair and irritating the skin. To restore 

** Cost- $49   

Oway Moisturizing Hair Mask

  This Smoothing. Mask. Conditioner that rebuilds, strengthens, and smoothes all hair types. This intense conditioner replenishes Moisture to the hair with Keratin and restoring aminos that  strengthen while providing color protection and  making her response to styling. It improves an extend sequence smoothing system. For dry, weak and damaged hair. Steamer is applied to intensify your treatment and helps with scalp detox, brittleness and Promotes Hair GrowthDeeply replenishes and repairs dry, brittle hair

** Cost- $39   

Reconstructive Mask ( Protein)

This keratin protein, honey almond, lanolin + aloe mask works naturally to deeply moisturize each strand while rebuilding its strength and Health, diminishing traces of breakage and damage. This service can not be selected by itself and must be added to a desired service offered on our menu. Failure to add treatment to desired hair services will result in a Voided appointment. 

** Cost- $47   




                                                                                     Understanding Hair Loss

  Studies show that over 30 million women in the country are experiencing hair loss, with 70% of that 30 million being African American Women. You may wonder what is going on, why is this happening. This quick reference guide will give you an insight into what is really happening but to understand this epidemic you must understand the theory behind hair!

It is normal to lose between 50-100 hairs a day, this is part of the hair renewal process. However, most people suffer from excessive hair loss at one time in their life. There are many reasons for this including medication, radiation, chemotherapy, exposure to chemicals, hormonal and nutritional factors, thyroid disease, generalized or local skin disease, and stress. Many of these causes are temporary and a few are permanent. Many dermatologists are recommending that their patients take hair vitamins but not just any hair vitamin. Once DHT levels decrease and the hair growth cycle is altered, the follicles can begin to return to normal levels of hair growth again.

  Let explore some of the more common reason for hair loss. Hair Loss can occur for several reasons. The most common are:


Since hormones both stimulate hair growth and cause hair loss, hormonal changes by far have the biggest impact on hair loss. These can affect both men and women in the following ways:

This is the most common cause of thinning and affects both men and women. Men generally have hair loss concentrated in a specific pattern from the front through to the crown. Women tend to have thinning throughout their head without being in any specific pattern. This type of hair loss is caused by the androgen DHT, or Dihydrotestosterone.

* Childbirth
After pregnancy many women experience a loss of hair, this is caused many hair simultaneously entering the resting (telogen) phase. Within two to three months after giving birth, some women will notice large amounts of hair coming out in their brushes and combs. This can last one to six months, but resolves completely in most cases. This condition is caused by the hormonal changes that take place after a woman’s body recovers from her pregnancy.

*Birth control pills
Women who have a genetic predisposition to suffer from Androgenic Alopecia can have it occur at a much younger age by taking birth control pills. The hormonal changes that occur trigger the onset of the Androgenic Alopecia. If a woman has a history of female pattern loss in her family she should advise her doctor before going on the pill. After the discontinuation of the pill the woman may notice that her hair begins shedding two or three months later. This may continue for six months when it usually stops. In some cases the process cannot be reversed and the woman may not regrow some of the hair that was lost.


*Disease Or Illness

Since the follicle is a very sensitive it does respond to imbalances in the body. Most hair loss causes by disease or illness is temporary and resolves itself after the body has returned to a healthy condition.

. High fever, severe infection, severe flu
Sometimes one to three months after a high fever, severe infection or flu, a person may experience hair loss, this is usually temporary and corrects itself.

. Thyroid disease. 
Both an overactive thyroid and an underactive thyroid can cause hair loss. Thyroid disease can be diagnosed by your physician with laboratory tests. Hair loss associated with thyroid disease can be reversed with proper treatment.

*Deficient diet
Some people who go on low protein diets, or have severely abnormal eating habits, may develop protein malnutrition. To help save protein the body shifts growing hair into the resting phase. If this happens massive amounts of hair shedding can occur two to three months later. A sign of this is if the hair can be pulled out by the roots fairly easily. This condition can be reversed and prevented by eating the proper amount of protein. Its very important when dieting to maintain an adequate protein intake.


* Medications
Some prescription drugs may cause temporary hair shedding in a small percentage of people. Examples of such drugs include some of the medicines used for the following: gout, arthritis, depression, heart problems, high blood pressure, or blood thinner. High doses of vitamin A may also cause hair shedding.

*Cancer treatments
Chemotherapy and radiation treatment will cause hair loss because it stops hair cells from dividing. Hairs become thin and break off as they exit the scalp. This occurs one to three weeks after the treatment. Patients can lose up to 90 percent of their scalp hair. The hair will regrow after treatment ends and patients may want to get wigs before treatment. There are some drugs in development to help prevent this hair loss from occurring.

* Low serum iron
Iron deficiency occasionally produces hair loss. Some people don’t have enough iron in their diets or may not fully absorb iron in their diets. Women who have heavy menstrual periods may develop iron deficiency. Low iron can be detected by aboratory tests and can be corrected by taking iron pills.

Other Factors are: Major surgery/chronic illness, Alopecia Areata Fungus Infection (Ringworm) of the scalp, Stress

Solving Hair Lossr
5 Alpha Reductase inhibitors

Drugs in this class work by inhibiting the enzyme 5 alpha reductase, which limits the conversion of testosterone to DHT (Chen et al., 1996) Finasteride (propecia) is the first drug in this class to undergo extensive clinical trials in men. Finasteride has selective activity against 5 alpha reductase. As a result, serum and follicular DHT levels are significantly reduced (Dallob et al., 1994).


*Saw Palmetto extract

Studies have shown that saw palmetto is an effective anti-androgen. It acts in a similar way that propecia does. Firstly it lowers levels of DHT in the body by blocking 5 alpa-reductase. Secondly Saw Palmetto blocks receptors sites on cell membranes required for cells to absorb DHT. Although no studies have been carried out on saw palmetto and its relation to hair growth, studies have been performed on the use of Saw Palmetto in the treatment of benign prostatic disease, which is similar to androgenetic alopecia in that it also depends on the production of dihydrotestosterone. All of the studies that have been performed to date show that Saw Palmetto is an effective anti-androgen and has shown conclusively to be effective in the treatment of benign prostatic disease.

One may assume from this that since Saw Palmetto is an effective anti-androgen and is used in the treatment of prostatic disease then it may also be effective in the treatment of androgenetic alopecia.



Normal healthy hair grows about 1/2 inch per month. It may take several months before any effects are noticed. Where the area is completely bald, hair may not grow, if the follicles are dead. It takes years for the hair to thin, so one must assume that it will take time to also reverse the process. Keeping the hair from further thinning is success in itself.

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