Attract your Dream Beauty Professional

Searching for your Dream Beauty Professional can be challenging at times but with a plan and a little direction it can be just a click away. With the accessibility of internet and technology your search is more stress free and targeted. Let's create a plan to ensure that you have a satisfactory experience.

Here are 10 Tips to ensure you select the best person for you:

  1. How Many Years of experience do you Desire/ Require your beauty professional to have?

  2. What distance are you able travel to stay consistent?

  3. What are your Hair Goals? Ex: Length, Volume, Healthy Scalp, Style and so on

  4. What form of communication are you comfortable with from your beauty professional? Ex: Website, Online booking, Social Media, Direct Cell, Email

  5. What price range do you desire ?

  6. How accessible is the location? Parking, Handicap features, Amenities

  7. Does gender/ age effect your comfort level in receiving services?

  8. What are their hours of operation? Does it comply with your lifestyle and schedule?

  9. Is the establish kid friendly?

  10. What products and services are offered and you desire?

The list can go on with questions to ask while in search for your beauty professional. You can use this list as a beginner's guide and adjust it to your liking. While in search of locating you Dream Beauty Professional always keep in mind to have a positive attitude, create your plan and must haves and "Don't Give Up".

Your beauty professional is just a click away!

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