Does Weave really make your Natural Hair Leave ?

I always see and hear a very popular statement that: "Weaves cause hair breakage" and I must weigh in on this popular topic from an professional perspective. There are so many opinions that are created from hearsay, malpractice from non beauty & beauty professionals, and the lack of education for hair care when it pertains to wearing weaves. Are you aware that there are extensions that are much more gentler and tension free that can create the same illusions that the traditional sew in weave creates. Our hair grows out of the dermis layer (scalp) at an angle which is over manipulated with over directing the guest tresses by pulling it into cornrows to create a foundation for the wefts to be sewn onto.

As a certified hair loss specialist / trichologist practitioner and senior cosmetologist I currently still provide sew in weave services to my guest while using hair care previsions such as deep conditioning, trims/dusting, moisturize and sealing their mane's all, which gives my guest hair the ability to flourish and grow to great lengths. Sew in weaves are a great protective style which allows your natural hair to be protected from environmental elements, heat and excessive styling. The cons to sew in weaves are mainly the tension used to braid the foundation, lack of preparation to one's natural hair prior to installation along with poor weave maintenance choices. Poor weave maintenance choices are common and consist of: Lack of shampooing while extensions are installed, Lack of heat protectors on the leave out for blending, Lack of scalp cleansing and nourishment as well as guest desiring to keep in installations longer than suggested .

So the answer to that popular factual myth is Yes and No. Traditional braided sew in weaves do not cause damage if it is installed correctly and with proper hair care. But traditional sew in weaves can cause breakage and create traction alopecia from tight braiding, poor scalp and hair care, excessive styling, not changing the direction of the braided foundation and not allowing the natural hair to take a break from this popular protective style. A sew in weave is awesome for transitioning from relaxed to natural, vacations, pregnancy, surgery, special occasions and so much more. Once a guest hair is flourishing and healthy it's great to take off those training wheels and update your extension installations to a more long lasting, tension free alternative.

For guest looking to receive this popular service I would recommend you do a little research on the beauty professional providing the service. What you should look for is the amount of years of experience that professional has with sew in weaves, photos of the desired style from their personal catalog, client reviews and certifications they have received to give you a complete picture and better idea on the level of experience that beauty professional has. I suggest you do this prior to taking that leap of faith and allowing just anyone to service your beautiful tresses.

Having a goal and hair plan in mind will alleviate so much confusion and unpleasant salon visits. Always speak up to your beautician in a polite manner if the braids are too tight. I also suggest guest to rotate their leave out (change part) if going back to back with a traditional sew in weave. I would not recommend guest getting more than 3 sew in weaves back to back without any breaks in between. I also don't recommend guest to leave in any braided sew in weave longer than 10-12 weeks to ensure your taking care of your natural hair. So with proper care and skilled technician you can grow and have healthy hair with sew in weaves.

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