Has the Natural Hair Movement Been Hijacked?

Being apart of the Beauty industry for 25 years as a professional I have definitely seen a huge change in marketing, product choices, consumer knowledge and interactive clients and company shifting. I'm all for the change but are we being caught up in a battle of separation of textures, curl patterns and what is being commercialized? Who is behind the image choices, marketing and ad campaigns for the natural hair movement? All I see on television, social media and natural hair products is the same curl, the same image, the same texture and with the dividing happening all over again .

Now, I'm not in anyway shaming any curl pattern and stating that a more authentic natural hair curl pattern should be the only curls to be on display. Curls and Waves are all beautiful in their many variations and patterns, but there's definitely a group: Tight coils (4c- kinky) that's been m.i.a. I just like to point out that kinky textures are very

non-existent or improperly displayed ( groomed) during this whole love the skin your in " Natural Hair Movement" . It's like the tightly coiled Dolls & Divos are forced to create content, images, videos, tutorials and so much more to have reference, tips and product knowledge. If you have been paying attention to the multiple ad campaigns and images displayed you will clearly see the silent narrative of what's now acceptable in the natural hair world, or what's considered pretty curls and what is not desired. Yet again a movement that was created for everyone to embrace their "Natural Hair" turns into something that divides the authentic beauty all of us has as individuals. Something that was originally created to unite all curls, all people, all colors and cultures us still causes so much division. So I ask you again has the natural hair movement been hijacked and by Who?

Now on a positive note, I'm not the only set of eyes who noticed and some action has currently been taking place to set the narrative straight. I want the natural hair community to be in control of what the world see's from all curls and wave textures.

For some reason Kinky textured curls has been painted in a way that still creates Westernized Conditioning, Hurt, Separation, Not of Value and that's just a "No" from me. Being different makes the world exciting to look at, beautiful to explore and fun to be apart of. I desire more diversity and less colonized input when displaying other's authentic narratives. The marketing and images of natural hair gives the average women of color another commercialized hurdle to jump but just with a twist. Now women with curls no longer desire straight hair because society has evolved and accepts natural hair. But I do see contingencies that makes me feel like this will create another multi million dollar wave of women desiring to fit in and wanting something genetically not possible. To continuously use marketing tactics to ensure that the average curl isn't good enough and your curl needs to look silky and uniform and easy to manipulate. No longer will we stand for misrepresentation in the Natural Hair Community. What is you take on natural hair? I really want to know Dollz and Divos how do you feel?

We are all beautiful and showcasing all curls is as strong as the "Natural Hair Movement"