Is Having Access to Beauty Industry Knowledge Creating a World of Healthier Hair?

We are in a world where information is literally at the tips of our fingers. With technology and social media platforms providing us access to all of our desired questions, tips, tutorials and more I can only assume that the beauty industry has flourished in these last couple of years. But is that the case I might ask? We all know that free information is usually not applied or used consistently. So why is that you ask? Well during my 19 years in the beauty industry I always provide clients with hair care tips, at home care and how to stay consistent but I found that less than 50% could keep up with the lifestyle change that is needed to maintain having long lasting healthy hair.

I'm so excited to see the available content for everyone who wants to take control of their hair's health. But how do you decipher what is actually beneficial for your lifestyle and hair goals? Well I would always advise you to research where the source of information is coming from to ensure it's not just an opinion and it's from a reliable source. Now if your wondering what qualifies information as an reliable source, here are a few that I want to share with you- licensed professionals, years of experience (10 years or more to master any subject), articles of reference or publications, public trials and reviews, and some critical thinking. Anyone has the ability to put out content without any type of qualifications so we have to be more strategic when taking one's advice.

I see a people that's involved in their beauty process with more product selections, access to beauty professionals and beauty tutorials. One might ask how has it benefited the consumer? In my professional opinion I can say it has in some ways and hasn't in other ways. I can say it has definitely brought awareness and self love in the movement of natural hair and home maintenance. I also can say it has not helped the consumer due to the over thinking and consumption of material you need to digest and apply. There is so much target marketing without any regards to the actual benefits of the consumer. Observing a culture that continues to select style and convenience over hair care has increased. Healthy hair is a lifestyle not a quick fix, but the consumer demands other wise even with all the accessible free information available.

Beauty Professionals have to ensure that the level of knowledge, experience and customer service exceeds the amount of available content clients are exposed to. There is a disconnect in the beauty industry between clients and service providers. I have seen the level of professionalism and client experience decline tremendously over the last 5 years. I wonder has the passion left the Artist? and has the trust left the Client? It's no need to travel down that rabbit whole, just wanted you to do some critical thinking. In the current beauty industry things will only keep moving forward as they should so keep up with the free content I beg of you. But I must forewarn you that the long lasting effects of untrained individuals providing opinionated, inaccurate hair tips, tricks and tutorial is not worth "Irreversible" damage. Now I know that statement can come off a little aggressive but all it take is one bad style, one wrong product your allergic to, one tight weave install to cause permanent hair loss. In conclusion Dollz and Divos always remember to "Put Yourself First", use your better judgement and have a plan.

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