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Seamless Sew In Services

"Your Path to a Perfect Experience: New Guest Consultation Requirement...

  For the best experience, we kindly request that all new guests participate in a virtual or in-person consultation before booking their first appointment. This helps us get to know each other and ensures a smooth and personalized booking process.


  At Posh Hair Designz, we're here to make your hair dreams a reality. Our focus is on providing you with the perfect hair extension installation, tailored to your unique needs and preferences. When you meet Taneasha Hines, you'll experience a warm welcome and a comprehensive hair evaluation. We'll assess your natural hair's health, discuss your hair goals, explore texture blending, and choose the ideal color shades to enhance your beauty.


  Your satisfaction is our priority, and we consider everything from your desired installation period, budget, preferred texture, to the length and volume you desire. Consultations are designed to ensure clarity and effective time management, leaving no room for confusion.


  But it's not just about your hair; it's also about your overall experience. Our salon exudes positive, prosperous, and loving energy. We've created an inviting atmosphere where you can feel at ease and confident in our expertise. Let's embark on this hair journey together at Posh Hair Designz, where your happiness is our ultimate goal.


Tape In Install

 This install is perfect for clients with fine low density hair giving you versatility and no tension.

  • No Braids

  • No Thread

  • Uses 20-40 Tape Ins (Depending on request)


This install can last up to 8-10 weeks with proper maintenance and depending on your lifestyle and how often you shampoo. Tape-In extensions are applied to clients hair using medical grade hair tape & are "Seamlessly" Blended into your hair. This install can be worn in a FLAT ponytail, half up half down, left, right & middle parts. Includes anti-frizz straightening shampoo/ steam deep conditioner a trim or dusting and the style you desire.  Deposits are 30% of your total (applies to balance).  

**Consultation Required**

Partial Install w/ Hair Included


       (8wks = $42 a wk = $6 a Day)

​       (10wks = $33.50 a wk = $5 a Day)

Full Install w/ Hair Included


(   (8wks = $68.75 a wk = $10 a Day)

​        (10wks = $55 a wk = $8 a Day)

traditional sew in logo

Traditional Sew In

This install is a sew in classic!! The Base of your hair your hair is braided down into a foundation with minimal leave out to cover the wefts. This install is a salon classic  and can last 8 to 10 weeks with proper at home & salon maintenance to prevent heat damage, matting and hair loss. You will receive a deep conditioner, trim and standard style. Non Refundable Deposit of 30% is Required to secure appointment 

Service Available for a "LIMITED TIME"




     (8wks = $34.40 a wk = $5 a Day)

​    (10wks = $27.50 a wk = $4 a Day)

      (12wks = $23 a wk = $3.30 a Day)

Install w/ Hair Included


    (8wks = $62.50 a wk = $9 a Day)

​     (10wks = $50 a wk = $7.15 a Day)

      (12wks = $42 a wk = $6 a Day)

la braidless sew in

L.A. Braidless Sew In

 This is the most popular service for clients new to seamless extensions. 

  • Nylon Thread

  • No Braids

  • No Glue

  • Uses 1-2 Bundles


You have the ability to wear a high ponytail with versatile parting. This install is Perfect for individuals who don't want braids and and don't desire strand by strand extensions but still have flexibility and versatile options. Achieve longer length, highlights or density/ volume.

  A Braidless Sew In Installation is suitable for almost all hair textures. Installed with small micro beads that are placed along a section of your hair, creating a base/row of micro beads for the wefted (hair on a weft) to then be sewn onto the bead.  


         **Consultation Required**



     (8wks = $68.75 a wk = $10 a Day)

     (10wks = $55 a wk = $8 a Day)

     (12wks = $46 a wk = $6.55 a Day)

Partial Install w/ Hair Included


      (8wks = $56.15 a wk = $8 a Day)

​       (10wks = $45 a wk = $6.45 a Day)

    (12wks = $37.45 a wk = $5.35 a Day)

Full Install w/ Hair Included


    (8wks = $84.40 a wk = $12.05 a Day)

​     (10wks = $67.50 a wk = $9.65 a Day)

      (12wks = $56.25 a wk = $8 a Day)



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