Holistic Hair & Scalp Treatments

Our Oway "Organic Way" Philosophy | Holistic • Biodynamic • Organic Salon Products

Oway Moisturizing Hair Mask  -

  Deeply replenishes and repairs dry, brittle hair with a nourishing blend of Biodynamic Hazelnut, Organic Honey and Ethical Murmuru Butter. It also provides protection against split end formation.

Signature Scent: An olfactory bouquet of pure, steam-distilled oils of Vanilla, Cinnamon, and Orange.

  •  Prevents split end formation

  •  Replenishes dry hair’s optimal hydration and lipid levels

  •  Leaves the hair intensely silky, soft and shiny


Awapuhi (Protien)  Keratriplex Treatment

 This treatment has a 2 Step Process that delivers a premium blend of proteins, virtually Identical to the Keratin found in Human Hair. Like a liquid form of Hair, Keratriplex penatrates, repairs and seals damaged Strands. Steamer is applied to intensify your treatment and helps with scalp detox, brittleness and Promotes Hair Growth


Structural Sealing Therapy

 Moisture Conditioner is great for hair that has been weakened or damaged by color, chemical processing or heat styling. It can restore hair with its highly concentrated formula that is rich in antioxidant argan oil, reconstructive keratin and fatty acids. It will restore elasticity, moisture and manageability to the hair. The formula is free of sulfates, phosphates and parabens, so it's safer and won’t dry, fade or strip color-treated hair. It's even sodium chloride free, making it safe to use after keratin treatments. 



Oxygen Hydrotherapy Scalp & Spa Treatment

  PHD HAIR SOLUTIONS technologically advanced machine, an exclusive complex, hair mask and scalp massage oil, the Oxygen hydrotherapy scalp & Spa treatment is effective in promoting a healthier and a more balanced scalp. It repairs damaged hair


Oway Herbs & Clay Scalp Detox 

  Over time, excess skin, sebum and product residues build up on the scalp, suffocating it and – eventually – weakening the hair and irritating the skin. To restore the scalp to its optimum condition, a scalp detox is necessary. Much like caring for our farms, periodically, we must purify and strengthen the soil to restore harmony and balance - the scalp is no different. 

At the heart of this treatment is our Oway Herbs & Clay Peeling Cleanser. Comprised of 100% raw Biodynamic Savory Leaves, Horsetail Stems, Fair Trade Amazonian Pink Clay Salts and Soap Nuts, these powerful medicinal plants eliminate toxins, impurities and revitalize the scalp's delicate eco-system.



 Flowerfall is a fresh holistic beauty and wellness ritual that deeply relaxes the body and mind through an immersive aromatherapeutic experience and customizable scalp treatment.  1) Hydro-dhara // has roots in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. It's free flowing water action provides deep relaxation that neutralizes emotional tension and harmonizes the mind, body and scalp. It can be mixed with any of our signature blends to create additional benefits: Strengthening Blend for hair prone to falling out, Relaxing Blend for sensitive/red scalps or our Antioxidant Blend for the ultimate infusion of health and wellness. 2) Anti-Aging Floral Waterfall // provides a rush of aromatherapy and energy with Flowerfall's signature hydrolates made of Biodynamic Rose, Lavender, Rosemary and Fair Trade Araza. This anti-aging treatment brings youth and vitality to the hair, scalp and mind.


Low-Level Laser Therapy LLC

  is one of just three non-surgical methods clinically proven, and FDA approved to fight pattern hair loss for men and women. Taneasha Hines is an authorized physician provider of the latest Capillus Laser technology, which uses a special type of low-level laser light that operates at 650nm. At this level, the laser's energy does not damage skin cells, but the skin absorbs light without causing any pain or discomfort. (consultation required)

     (3 Months)   $999

    (6 Months)   $1850

   (12 Months) $3800


                      Oway Flowerfall + Hydro-dhara


Oway Herbs & Clay Scalp Detox