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Discover the Signature Elegance of Posh Hair Designz – Your Trusted Beauty Haven. Explore Our Distinctive Logo Reflecting Style and Excellence. #PoshHairDesignz #BeautySignature
Posh Hair Designz is your destination for personalized and stylish hair transformations. Our expert stylists are here to bring your unique vision to reality. Explore a blend of modern trends and timeless elegance tailored just for you. Click to embark on your journey to gorgeous, posh hair!

 Put Yourself First"~ an Experience You Can't Get Anywhere Else!

         Luxury Awaits!  Welcome to Posh Hair Designz 


Have the Hair you Deserve.....

Rediscover Confidence with Taneasha Hines, Your Hair Loss Specialist. Embrace Renewed Radiance and Custom Solutions Tailored Just for You. Explore a Journey to Healthy, Vibrant Hair. Click to Begin Your Transformation Today!

Tailored Solutions for Hair Growth and Restoration

Transform your hair journey with Taneasha Hines! Experience our Hair Loss Prevention & and customized Hair Growth Analysis. Together, we'll explore tailored regrowth treatments and transformative solutions to boost your confidence.

 Elevate Your Style! Seamless Hair Extensions at Posh Hair Designz sew in installs

Effortless Glamour: Your Hair, Reimagined

Indulge in Flawless Glamour: Unveil the Artistry of Traditional and Full Sew-Ins and our most popular L.A. Braidless Sew-Ins – Ignite Your Style Journey

Luscious Hair

Indulge in Strand Perfection: Elevate Your Style with Seamless K-Tips, I-Tips, and Tape-In Extensions!

Dive into a realm of personalized perfection with our strand by strand extensions. Whether it's the seamless sophistication of K-Tips, the invisible charm of I-Tips, or the sleek versatility of Tape-In, each strand is a brushstroke in the masterpiece of your unique style. Our extensions aren't just hair; they're tales of transformation, adding depth, dimension, and a touch of playful elegance to every look. Elevate your strands, elevate your story – because every detail matters when it comes to your extraordinary style journey

Alopecia Solutions Logo

Welcome to a New Era of Hair Solutions!

 For over 20 years Hair Loss Specialist Taneasha Hines has given women confidence. While using various Techniques & Advanced skills to give you the Hair Illusion you Desire 

Elevate Your Look with Our Hair Replacement Services - Explore the Essence of Transformation in the Hair Replacement at Posh Hair Designz. Your Path to Confidence and Style Begins Here!

Beyond Hair Loss: Rediscover Radiance with Our Advanced Cranial Prosthesis

Revolutionize Your Confidence: Embrace a Non-Surgical Marvel! Our Cranial Prosthesis blends seamlessly, elevating your style with natural allure. Perfect for those facing hair loss or alopecia, this cutting-edge solution is a testament to modern sophistication

"Transform Your Look with 'Snatched' – Our Custom Wig Line at [Your Business Name]. Embrace Individuality and Glamour with Every Strand. Discover Beauty Redefined!

Tailor Your One-of-a-Kind Style with Custom Wigs

Crafting Quality Custom Wigs & Providing Exceptional Service. Your comfort is our priority. We begin with a thorough consultation to understand your unique wig goals and needs. At Posh Hair Designz, your satisfaction is our commitment.

Posh Hair Designz salon philosophy

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" Put Yourself First"


  Posh Hair Designz Address:   

       Located Inside: Publix Alpharetta Center     

        11800 Haynes Bridge Rd ste#305            Alpharetta, GA 30009                 


                           Thank You for visiting

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Embark on a beauty journey with Taneasha Hines, your dedicated Master Cosmetologist. With a passion for crafting iconic styles, Taneasha blends expertise and creativity to bring your unique vision to life. Discover the art of personalized beauty in a welcoming and luxurious atmosphere. Click to explore Taneasha's mastery and redefine your beauty experience. Welcome to the epitome of glamorous transformations!
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