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Seamless Extensions



 Revamp Your Style with Our Tape-In Extensions Package: Achieve Fuller, Longer Hair with Added Volume and Luxury Treatments for a Stunning Look 

  • Nylon Thread

  • No Braids

  • No Glue

  • No Tension

  • Fast Installation

  • 20 pieces per pack; 1 ½ inch wide weft 

  • Used to thicken and lengthen hair

  • Should be installed by a professional trained in this service

  • Pre-taped & ready to install

  • 3 to 4 packs for a natural look 5 for fuller look ( depends on the size of your head, density and how much longer you are going from your natural hair)

  • Flattest most undetectable install

  • Non damaging (easy to remove with tape removal solution)


This installation includes 60-80 tape-ins to add density (volume), length for a more full appearance.  With this versatile install hair is included ranging from ("16-22") Longer lengths are available for add fee. Your install includes Blending option Luxe Silk Press, steam deep conditioner, trim & desired style of your choice. Guest may upgrade their blending choices: Keratin Treatment, Relaxer for add fee prior to install

         **Consultation Required**

Partial Install

$319 w/o Hair

$355 Hair Included

Full Install

$639 w/ Hair

$799 Hair Included



la braidless sew in

L.A. Braidless Sew In

 This is the most popular service for clients new to seamless extensions. 

  • Nylon Thread

  • No Braids

  • No Glue

  • Uses 1-2 Bundles


You have the ability to wear a high ponytail with versatile parting. This install is Perfect for individuals who don't want braids and and don't desire strand by strand extensions but still have flexibility and versatile options. Achieve longer length, highlights or density/ volume.

  A Braidless Sew In Installation is suitable for almost all hair textures. Installed with small micro beads that are placed along a section of your hair, creating a base/row of micro beads for the wefted (hair on a weft) to then be sewn onto the bead.  


         **Consultation Required**

   Partial Install w/ Hair Included



Full Install w/ Hair Included





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